Prescriptions & Exams

Whether you already have your prescription from a doctor or need an eye exam, Luttrell's Eyewear is ready to help.  You can simply bring in your prescription when you come to the shop, or if you need an eye exam then simply contact us to schedule a time to meet with the doctor.  

Eye Chart

Based off your prescription, we can help you determine the types of lenses that will serve you best.  We can give you guidance on the latest in lens technologies, such as UV protection, scratch resistance, hydophobic and anti-reflective coatings, blue-light filtering, and much more.  We will also help you match your lenses to your lifestyle.  Perhaps progressive lenses will work best for overall use, or maybe a single prescription lens would suit you better for driving or for watching TV while relaxed on a recliner. With our vast experience and knowledge, we know the various situations that you may not have even considered, so we can help you navigate your lens options to find the solutions that work best for your unique situation.  

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