Our Story

While virtually all businesses start with a desire to make money, the ones that truly excel are those that are driven by more than just their finances.  They want to help their communities.  They want to correct wrongs they've seen in their industry.  They know that treating their customers with respect and honesty, even if it means sending them elsewhere for a specific item, will serve them better in the long run.  The Luttrell's Eyewear story is no different. 

National Champion

For as long as I can remember, I've been an eyewear aficionado.  I've always loved the fashion of the frames and the science behind it all. In college I even competed in a national competition among collegiate optometry majors, winning the 1994 National Championship in the Essilor 10th Annual Optometry College Bowl.  After beginning my career in the industry working for a local business and a national chain, I quickly noticed things that went against my nature.  I saw customers lied to if it meant more sales.  I saw poor materials being used to increase higher profit margins.  I knew there should be a better way.  

Alicia and Bobby

When my wife, Alicia (a school librarian), and I started Luttrell's Eyewear in 2002, our goal was to provide the highest quality, most fashionable frames on the market while treating our customers with respect and honesty.  That's why I attend the two largest eyewear and vision conventions every year, in New York and Las Vegas, to make sure that we have the latest, trendy styles and am up on the latest advances in eyewear.  That's why I am honest with my customers and repair their frames when possible rather than claim that it can't be repaired in order to get them to purchase a new frame, like my competitors do.  That's why I only hire great people to work with me who know our values and will ensure that every customer is treated with respect and honesty.   We've always believed that if you sell a quality product and treat customers right, success will follow.  Our goals for Luttrell's Eyewear haven't changed since it's inception, which is why we've won multiple awards from The Knoxville News Sentinel, Metro Pulse, and Knoxville Mercury newspapers.  

Inside Store

Come to Luttrell's Eyewear and experience for yourself our difference.  Instead of a sterile environment with masses of frames in plastic holders on a wall, you'll immediately see our effort to make your experience more comfortable.  Grab some candy from the candy bowl.  Browse the hundreds of high quality frames.  Listen to the soft music as you sit on our sofas to ponder the frames you like best.  We'll be here to answer any questions and guide you to finding the perfect pair.  In fact, you can even just sit on the sofa, and we'll bring the frames we recommend to you. We'll do all we can to not only make you look fabulous but to also make your experience as equally amazing!  

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Bobby and Alicia